Sobriety in your early 20’s

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I’ve been sober for 2 months now, but this is not the first time I got sober. In this weeks podcast episode (which you can listen to on most of your favourite podcast apps) I talk with one of my best friends about sobriety in our early twenties. Why we got sober, how it challenged us and how it made us stronger.

I’ve been blogging for some weeks now and those of you who come from my Twitch channel already know me, but for those of you who are new here’s a small little introduciton!

I’m Bizzi. I’m 28 years old and study Graphic Design and stream games on Twitch. My main focus is mental health and self-help. Being open about the struggles that I have faced and everything that I deal with.

On this blog I focus on tips for how you can use exercise as an outlet for dealing with anxiety and depression, but I’ll be stearing a little bit away from that until I can do that for myself.

You see, I’ve been struggling a lot with motivating myself to exercise and when I can’t motivate myself how can I motivate others? I do however intend to workout 3 times a week from now on, and if I do I get a little prize from Wish from my partner!

You can also listen to this Podcast on YouTube!


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Journaling Challenge Day 3

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This is rough. Journaling. I want everything I do to inspire. I want everything I do to help people. My motivation for everything is for others and not myself.

But when do I help me? Do I help me by helping others?

In some ways. Yes.

But my only goal shouldn’t be to help others. I really need to say HEY HERE I AM! TAKE IT! I need to really just look at what I need and create those opportunities For Me and if that also helps other people that is amazing and great. My main focus can’t only be on other people though. So yeah. I guess that’s it for todays journaling..

Also! I made a challenge with my bae! If I work-out 3 times a week I get something fun from Wish at the end of the month, treat on him!

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Sober Streamers – Journaling Challenge Day 2

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change it

Alright, this has been tricky. I wanted to write failure. I wanted to write not working. I wanted to skip. But I’m writing now. I’m feeling. Now.

Alright, this didn’t turn out the way I wanted it. So? That’s just life.

I’m also gonna post a little less on the blog. It will probably be more of a journal and motivation when I have the energy for it. I have time for it now but school will start in 12 days and I won’t be able to work all day then.

I do however have some great news to share! I just created a Twitch Comunity for Sober Streamers and gamers. It’s not exclusive to people who don’t drink, it’s place for everyone who wants a more mindful life and curious about a sober lifestyle. On our instagram page I post motivational photos each day. I’ll make sure to post them here as well.

Interested and want to know more? Join the discord and follow Sober Streamers on social media!

Instagram, Twitter, Discord.

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Journaling challenge day 1

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Good morning ! I 100% forgot about my journaling challenge but it was the reason I got myself out of bed this morning. I feel motivated and unmotivated at the same time. I’m super inspired to work on my projects but working out is…not my priority.

Why? Why can’t I push myself to go to the gym?

I know exactly why. I haven’t made SMART goals. Remember my post about it? I keep advertising SMART goals and how to create them but why can’t I create them for myself?

Then again…one battle at a time. I’ve managed to stop playing an insane amount of games and it has given me time and space to work towards my other goals. My mental health has been overall better. Since health is such a big part of my brand I should try to inorporate that into my workout routine. I think it’s your time to help me now! What are your best motivational tips to push yourself to workout?

PS: do hashtags work on blogs? Let’s find out!

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A minute within the borderline mind

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As he closed the door behind him the usual sensation of unease erupted from a point right below my solar plexus and spread like a disease throughout my body. He left me, yet again. I got abandoned, yet again. I’m always alone. No one loves me. How could anyone love me? I’m a mess. I get angry easily, my jokes aren’t funny, I’m fat, ugly, horrible and a terrible partner.

But wait a minute. The unease started shifting and a something started heating up within. How does he get the fucking right to judge me? Who is he to tell me I’m not good enough? Why the fuck does he always leave me alone? I’m good. I’m fucking great. I’m sexy, hot and too good for him. No one is like me. I’m honestly the best fucking person on the god damn world and you should be fucking lucky to be in my presence. Everyone is so boring and bland Like, how is it even possible to be this great in a pile of sheep? I’m never going to find someone who is like me.

I’m all alone. Maybe I’m not that great? Maybe I just feel this lonely and different from everyone else because I’m actually really shit? There it is again. Different. I’m different. I’m weird. It’s no wonder everyone leaves all the time because when they get to know me they realise how different and weird I am. And if they get close they get so see me, and why WOULD they stay if they got to see me?

The door opens “Hey I just forgot my wallet” he says, walks in and gives me a kiss. My body is filled with love and easy. I kiss him back and breathe in his smell. My fingertips vibrate as they touch his skin and I’m overwhelmed with happiness. This is what pure bliss feels like. I can finally see color until he lets go and walks out the door. He left me, yet again. I got abandoned, yet again.


Yesterday I had a live podcast on my stream talking about BPD. What it is, how it’s been for me and tips and tricks to how you can manifest a healthier life and thought pattern. I wanted to do something different here on my blog by writing exactly how horrible it can be inside your head with BPD. Here’s how the Diagnostic and Statistical manual describes borderline personality disorder:

  • Worry about abandonment and going to extremes to keep someone from leaving
  • Unstable, stormy relationships with major shifts in thinking about another person, such as believing someone is a loyal friend to believing the person is untrustworthy or hurtful
  • Unstable self-image, shifting from feeling confident about who you are to feeling like you are evil, or don’t even exist
  • Self-damaging, impulsive behaviors, such as substance abuse, binge eating, reckless spending, or other behaviors that can lead to serious consequences
  • Frequent suicidal thoughts, threats, attempts, or self-hurting behaviors such as cutting
  • Rapidly changing, intense moods
  • Feelings of emptiness
  • Intense anger that may lead to physical fights or destruction of property
  • During times of stress, he or she may believe others are intentionally trying to make life difficult for them; at other times, they may feel like they are losing touch with reality

Want to know more? You can watch the VOD on my twitch channel, and an edited version will be up on YouTube next week and on my podcast within 2 weeks.


5km run workout plan for beginners

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You’ve done your first run and now you’re ready to prepare yourself for your first 5km run where time doesn’t matter: only completion. Remember to stretch at least 5 minutes after each run and walk and please massage your body with your hands or a foamroller.


Adjust the plan so that it works for you, either by making it easier or more difficult. You can start with intervals earlier and add a third run. Do it uphill if you have the option.

If you want to download the plan to print or make edits:

5k workout plan

Running: How to get started

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Running is my favourite form of exercise but also one I can barely do because of not having the right amount of knowledge when I started. I sit with many injuries that keep me from just putting on my shoes and getting out into the wild.

But because I can’t enjoy the positive effects of running doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the best sport in the world!

So how do you get started?

Running is painful and the worse shape you are in the more it hurts. So how do you motivate yourself to do something that goes against all of your instincts?

Start by getting yourself a good pair of shoes. Since you’re just starting out you don’t need anything too fancy, just make sure that they have good support. I know Adidas have some great shoes for around 30-40€ that will last a couple of months if you use them daily so a lot longer if you only use them 1-3 times a week.

Alright, so you got your shoes, what now? Find yourself a nice running outfit! You don’t have to buy anything new if you don’t want to, but if you have money for it: getting a fresh looking running outfit is both motivating and fun (you can always order online). Make sure that the clothes you get breathe well because when you’re out there in pain you don’t want to feel like your clothes are suffocating you.

Now that you have your gear: make sure to put your shoes visibly in the hallway and make it a habit to always look at them when you are passing it.

All of these steps have been in preparation for getting you ready to run. It’s all about building habits. When you’ve made it a habit to always look at your running shoes the step to put them on and go out won’t seem that unnatural.

Tomorrow I’ll share a post-workout video for runners and give you workouts to do once you’re out the door!

The Spoon System – Explaining mental fatigue

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There are a lot of mental states that can leave you feeling more drained “than you should be”. If you’re burnt out, have ADHD or struggle with depression you might feel that your energy is never enough.

One of the most challenging things about this is having people around you who don’t understand what you’re going through.

However! There’s a way to easily explain how your energy works that your significant other and friends can actually understand.

Imagine your energy as a currency of spoons that you need to spend when you do chores. Say you wake up with 12 spoons and it takes 1 spoon to walk the, 5 spoons to do the dishes, 3 spoons to make food, 7 spoons to go to the gym and 2 spoons to do school work. That’s 6 more spoons than you have. How will you spend them? What is more important?

If you explain your energy level like this it’s easier for your partner to be there for you and not push you when you’re at your limit. You can also simply say “I have one spoon left, which of these two tasks do you want me to finish?”.

If you like you can make your own currency and make little magnets out of them and put them on the fridge. There you can simply move your energy level around so that your partner is always aware of your level!

Breaking out of your comfort zone

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It’s Friday and here’s the final tip of the week: signing up for a class that you dread.


One thing I’m really bad at is coordination and dancing and it is something I have struggled with for all my life. When I was studying to become a health coach one of the courses were to be able to create and lead fitness classes like aerobics and classes on a step board.

This was very mentally taxing to me because not only did I have to remember all the steps, I also had to teach them (on a sidenote I did really well).

But there si a difference in getting time to practice this at home and going to a class at a gym and try to keep up among other people who might have done this a lot before.

I was (and still am) struggling with a lot of social anxiety so I decided to do one of the worst things I could imagine: signing up to a step class at my local gym.

I convinced myself that I would like it after a while and that it would give me a sense of accomplishment: and guess what? It did.

I had so much anxiety on the way to the gym and I had a lot of anxiety at the start of the class. I was fumbling and not able to follow the steps and I felt that everyone was watching me. Instead of getting hung up on getting each step right I made sure I was moving and kept my breath high.

When I was done I felt so strong. I had manage to complete the whole class, I had gone up early to do it and I finished it.

I kept going and after a while I started enjoying it and almost looking forward to it. If you break out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself you may find new interests and you will find it easier to complete the things you don’t enjoy but are within your comfort zone.

You can apply this to other things: not just signing up for classes. Maybe going to the gym is something you fear or running out in public. The important thing is that you challenge yourself and try something different!

Without Music as Cover

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Here’s the third tip for the week of how you can challenge yourself mentally when working out.


This one is the worst one for me, and to be honest I’m not sure I could do this in my current state. It’s an amazing challenge but very tough.

I need some sort of protection from the outside world when I leave my house. If I don’t have company from someone else I need a headset to protect me from any potential social interaction.

To really push yourself to be present in the moment I challenge you to leave every protection from the outside world at home. Try running in nature without music or lifting weights at the gym.

I remember swimming as a form of exercise was very challenging because the lack of music and distraction, but it really got me into my body. I focused on my breath and each stroke. It will be very challenging but oh so rewarding when you get the hang of it.