LA – Packaging

Schoolwork - My Reflective Journal

For this assignment we were supposed to create a life-size version of a packaging we designed. I am a little confused as to what we’re actually supposed to do here. I created a lifesize “mock-up” of the design, but I’m unsure if we were supposed to actually have something real manufactured. The colors on the mock-up are not exact to the digital design. I made a front and back for the design but I might need to adjust this to better reprsent the product for the final digital design.

I decided to create wet food for my brand. I made a mock-up and design for one taste (tuna and salmon) while the wet food will come in lamb and chicken as well.

Having worked in a pet shop for 3 years the packaging came naturally to me. I didn’t do any research on colors but I will find brands to cover my choices.

Lamb is most of the time represented as a light brown/beige color or purple (but because HILL’s use beige I will do the same because they’re  the VET’s choice so it already has an establishment in its color), fish is blue or pink (tuna/salmon) and chicken is yellow. For that reason I chose the colors for the wet food.

Since my brand is ECO friendly I did some research on food and what packaging is the best for the environment. A lot of wet food for dogs is canned, but cans are not good for the environment because of the coating inside and it uses a lot of energy to create and to break down. Most food brands have changed their canned beans and, coconut milk and crushed tomatoes into carton/paper packaging. I decided that my wet food would be packaged the same way. It’s the most eco friendly and it stacks good in stores as well as in cabinets at home. I did think of a “ready-bowl” but that would require plastic.


Design I tried but wouldn’t work on the final size.



Schoolwork - My Reflective Journal

I started researching different advertising costs. The one that seemed the most beneficial was Google Ads PPC (pay per click) version, but that was way out of my budget. The budget I have is 1800$ while PPC Ads are usually around 9000 and 10000$ per month. This method shows ads to people that are already searching for something so they are more willing to go to the ad.

However you could start out and make successful Google Ads for a much lower price but that means you need some knowledge and experience with the platform to get the best results.

If I were to market my website I would most likely learn how to use google ads the cheapest way to get the best results.

The cheaper way to use Google Ads is GDN (google display network). This is more used to grow and remarket your brand. They are the type of ads that show up on similar websites or pages that share the same target audience. It has a lot lower click-through rate and usually costs .058-1.66$ per click (while PPC go between 1-2$).

The next option would be to look into Facebook Ads. It’s fairly easy to use and you can put up and plan your budget on a week by week basis. You decide how much to put in and for new and small businesses this is one of the easier and cheaper ways to go.

Facebook also owns Instagram which means you can market through both platforms in an easy way. Instagram ads also look less intrusive and more like “content” than ads which gets more clicks.

Which one of these options are best for my project? Since my target audience for my website (about my hometown) is a variety of people I would want to use different type of ads. For example, I could use Instagram ads to market pictures and videos from the website that show attractive things to do for teens in the area, while I use Facebook ads for jobs listed in the area or similar to reach the older audience.

Since my budget is low I would make use of Instagrams algorithm. Using the IGTV function, 1-3 posts a day and an active Instagram story to generate heat to my Social media. I would focus it around the younger audience. What artists and musicians do we have that are from our town or area? Highlight them, street art and anything that would attract a younger audience.

I would use half of my budget on Google PPC ads when the Website is launched. It’s a great way to get people to the Website even if is costly. The other half I would spend on Facebook Ads. I would avoid Instagram marketing at the start since my main target is an older audience.

If my budget was doubled I would do the same, half on Google Ads but I would also allow spending money on Instagram Ads.

For this exercise we were also tasked with coming up with a viral idea, but I’m at a loss in how to come up with a viral idea for this website. I would create a video shooting it somewhere in the area which the website markets. But something enough to make it viral? I mean the slogan for the area is “Långt ifrån lagom” which means “far from average”. I could probably play with that? In the area is where all of Sweden’s money used to be made. Could have three girls with really voluptuous posteriors in very short shorts shaped in a very revealing way sitting on the roof of that sharing a nice ice cream that drips in the right places. Not something I’d like to put in my school work but if we analyze what actually goes viral these days that’s where we end up.



LA: Studio Lighting 6

Schoolwork - My Reflective Journal

“Take some portrait shots and pay specific attention to the lighting you use. I would like to see a shot with soft lighting and one with more dramatic, harder lighting.”

My lighting sources that I use for when I’m streaming are fixed to my desk and because I was pressed for time for this learning activity I decided to do it using my webcam as I figured how to light is the exercise, not how we take the photo.

Don’t mind my dirty hair and lack of make-up. Here you can see soft light where there are barely any shadows on my face and those are very soft. The other photos (left and top 3) are with hard lighting, face turned in different directions for different effects. I only had one light source on those, and 3 on the one with soft light. One on the right, one on the left and also ceiling light plus the faint light from window behind.

LA: Studio Lighting 5

Schoolwork - My Reflective Journal

“In a magazine or on the Internet, find one fashion shot, a beauty shot and a portrait shot and explain how you think the lighting was set up in each shot.”


Beauty: Main light on the left side of the camera (but close, not on the subjects left side) and fill light on the right side. (Photo Rossella Vanon)


Fashion: Main light on the right side (front close to camera). Looking at the shadows on the models left arm vs the shadow on the dresser she is leaning on I can tell there is a backlight on the left back side of the model. If not, her left arm would be as dark as the dresses.


Portrait: For this one I think the main light on the left side and some sort of fill light maybe on the right front side to make the shadows less dark.

LA: Studio Lighting 4

Schoolwork - My Reflective Journal

“Draw three studio setups for the following subject matters and list all the equipment that you would use to light your subjects”



There are different ways to light a portrait photoshoot. I decided to give short lighting as example because it has a slimming effect on the subject (who has its face in the shadow and turns it to the main light).




“To make the setups easy to repeat in most studios, we used three Hensel Integra 500 monolights.
As well as the most popular light modifiers: 90 cm Octabox120 cm silver umbrellaBeauty Dishstandard reflectors, Stripboxes in 60 х 120 cm and 30 х 180 cm (ideally these should be the same, but we had to work with what was available). Beside these we used reflective panels and black flags.”




RFi 5’ Octabox and polyboard.


LA: Studio Lightning 1

Schoolwork - My Reflective Journal

Name three lighting sources and their functions.

Monolight kit

Monolight is a type of flash that is a smaller substitute for a power pack or flash head. Because of the size their power is limited but is desired for its portability. Monolights need to be adjusted separately because of their controls being built into the light itself.

Head and power pack kit

Has a flash head and a power pack that supplies energy. There are different kinds of flash heads.

Symmetric power packs

This power packs split the power equally through the flash heads.

Assymetric power packs

Allows the user to vary the power supply to different heads, meaning you can have different “strength” in the flash.

Name two light modifiers and explain the difference between them.


Reflecting umbrellas look like normal umbrellas but with a reflecting layer on the inside. There are different types of umbrellas to provide different kinds of whitebalance. There are golden (providing warmth), silver (focuses light more narrowly) and white (offers a wider spread).


Softboxes are usually square or rectangular and come in different sizes and shapes. They have a reflective inside and a translucent front. The boxes are placed around the light source, softening the light.

Draw a diagram of and describe the three-point lighting setup

3 spot light.png